Road Work

2022 Road Plans

Road work will begin on 5/2/2022. Please watch for trucks and heavy equipment working. Slow down and give the equipment the right-of-way. There may be detours at times. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

Road maintenance will begin the first week of May starting on Rocky Road at the entrance to the Missouri River Ranch subdivision going south towards the Craig Frontage Road.

There will be ongoing notice about where the maintenance crew and equipment will move to once that phase of the project is completed.

LATEST UPDATE 5/1/2022 -The road maintenance ‚ÄčCrew will be completing the placement of the base material on Rocky Road and continue with maintenance up Cinnamon Bear Road to Missouri River Bluff next. Once they complete maintenance on those 2 roads, they will return to the entrance of the Missouri River Ranch subdivision and continue with placing asphalt millings on Rocky Road going south towards the highway. There will be 2 new cattle guards delivered in the month of June that will replace the one at the entrance to the subdivision and the one just north of the bridge.