Road Work

2021 Road Plans

Road work will begin on 7/19/2021. They will begin moving equipment in on Friday 7/16/2021. Please watch for trucks and heavy equipment working. Slow down and give the equipment the right-of-way. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

In April, the road committee (Jesse Newsom, Jim Panitzki and Richard Kollars) toured the roads and came up with what they felt was needed to start out. We took the plan to a contractor for a quote on the work identified. We received a quote in May for $79,000+. Since this was way over our budget, Richard Kollars worked with the contractor to pare down the work and came to an agreement to shape and grade approximately 13 miles of road and to add gravel to approximately 1,700 feet of roadway. We had to remove ditching (this was almost $5,000 per mile) and around 1,000 feet of gravel. The work has been scheduled with the contractor and is on the calendar for completion. We can't give you an exact date of when the work will begin at this time. Our original road plan can be viewed below: 

Click Here to View Road Plan