Community News

June 2020


This website is made possible through the research and hard work of Beka Panitzke. Beka found the best site for our needs and then designed the website for us. We will be adding additional features to it in the future, but right now it's awesome. It will help communicate what's going on in the community and put a lot of the rumors to rest.

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May 2020

The Board is Cutting all Trees Within 21 Feet of the Road

One of the volunteer road crew members removed dead trees and brush from the Charbonneau Road culvert area. THANKS JIM!! This was done to prevent debris from clogging up the culverts and causing a potential overflow onto the road.

Somehow or another, this turned into a rumor that the Board was cutting everything back, 21 feet from the road.

This is not true. However, we will be cutting back brush and trees that are in the way of road work or limit visability.

June 2020

The Campground on Ar‚Äčrow Drive

Over the years the rumor mill has asserted that a Landowner on Arrow Drive has been operating a campground and renting out campsites and providing other entertainment for campers (Jungle Jim's, rope swings, etc.) The rumor went so far that someone actually registered the campground on Google Search in order to add credibility to the rumor.

To get to the bottom of this, Board Members & representatives toured the Landowner's property (with the Landowners permission) to see the campground. Guess what? There is no campground and there has never been a campground at this location.

The Board will be aggressively enforcing the Corporations covenants. However, we will also make sure that we are factually correct when making decisions. In short, we will either prove rumors right, or prove them wrong.