Board Member Information

2020-2021 Board Members and their goals

Mark Piloch

Board Member

Having lived in Montana & other rural areas as a child and adult, I want to preserve the natural beauty of the "Big Sky" landscape.

We should all be good stewards of this land for our children and grandchildren to enjoy for many more generations.

Richard Kollars

Board Member

My wife and I moved here five years ago and we have two children and two grand children. We are planning on making this our retirement home. My goal for being on the road crew is to try my best to help in making the roads the best ever.

Salina Hunter

Board member

I have lived in the community since 1996.  My goal is to help keep the peace between the board and the community and hopefully gain the trust of all the members again and to help make it fair and affordable again.

Michelle Petersen


I want to establish better communication to the community and develop more transparency as to the actions of the board.